Help when you need it most from our dedicated claims manager

Professional Indemnity (PI) claims can be very complex and time consuming. When you arrange a policy through us if you are ever faced with a claim; be it a disgruntled client, a letter advising solicitors have been appointed or you just have a “bad feeling”, our dedicated claims manager will speak directly to you and guide you through the process.

Unlike some Insurance Brokers, we never charge fees for claims handling which is all part of the service we provide.

So when the worst happens, you need the reassurance, support and guidance of a specialist Insurance Broker to steer you through the claims process.

Example Claims



It was alleged that the Insured was negligent in supervising a City Centre developement


Employees of the Insured over-valued properties for mortgage purposes


The Insured did not complete a proper survey of buildings to be demolished


The Insured transposed two digits in a calculation for a setting out project


Stolen paintings were auctioned and the proceeds passed on to the thieves (now convicted). The original owners sought compensation from the Auctioneers

Quantity Surveyor Claims


The Insured failed to advise their client, a local authority, of the correct budget provision required for completion of a major development. The contract ran over budget.


A tender for the construction of groundworks for two factories contained serious errors in calculation.


An employee made an error in copying measurements which resulted in the final calculations being inaccurate.


The costs of a building project overran the initial projection by £250,000. The matter was settled out of court with only costs paid.

Architects Claims


The Insured failed to correctly set up and check level measurement equipment resulting in a tunnel being out of level and thus requiring alteration.


A partner embezzeled money held in trust by the Insured


It was alleged that the Insured failed to ensure the speedy and economical conversion of a property


A manhole was wrongly positioned due to incorrect setting out.

Engineers Claims


During the construction of a steel framework for a new office building, excessive compression of anti-vibration mountings was discovered and its is alleged that the Insured have a responsibility with regards to the design defect.


Heating & ventilation contractors on a large building complex in central London engaged the Insured to provide advice and design a heating system which would remain within specific noise levels. However, when tested the system exceeded the specified noise levels so required substantial alterations.


The Insured was contracted to design water tank support beams, an error in the design calculation caused the beams to buckle.


The Insured was engaged in connection with the design and/or supervision of undepinning work to buildings adjoining a development site. Movement occurred during the underpinning works allegedly due to negligent design of temporary works by the Insured, who denies this, blaming the contractor for his construction methods. Unfortunately the contractor went into liquidation.