Essential Public Liability Insurance cover for your business

The nature of your business means you will come into contact with customers or members of the public during your working day. Public Liability Insurance is an essential safeguard. It’s there to cover you if you accidentally injure them or damage their property and have to pay compensation as a result. Public Liability Insurance will cover the legal defence costs as well as the compensation that becomes payable.

Certain areas of professional work will expose you to a greater risk of claims. For example, if you undertake Property Management, Sales and Letting, Property Inspections, Building Surveys, Home Buyer Reports, Contract Administration, Project Management, Employers Agent, Condition Reports, Site Monitoring etc., then you will be in contact with the general public and their property as well building and constructions sites, meaning there is a greater risk that you could be exposed to a claim.

Tender and Contract Requirements

If you work at Schools, Local Authorities, Universities or Large Companies and PLC’s then it’s very likely Public Liability Insurance will be a compulsory requirement. They will usually want evidence of your cover before you can enter their premises or go onto a construction site!

However, professional work is considered low risk so you can arrange a lot of cover for a very affordable premium.

Are you providing building / construction services?

We can source quotations from a range of insurers which provide a liability insurance solution that works for you.

How do I obtain a quotation?

Getting a quotation could not be easier. Either telephone us on 01837 55777 and we will go through this with you. Alternatively, complete the quote request form and we will call you back.