Design & Construct PII

Design & Construct PII

A standard Professional Indemnity policy is designed to insure you in respect of your professional services only and will not insure you to “supply goods” e.g. new build property development, property extensions etc.,) where you are carrying out design and construct services.

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Why Do I Need Design & Construct PII Insurance?


If you are providing design and construct services, it is sensible to arrange a specific Design and Construct Professional Indemnity Insurance policy that covers the negligence in your design and construction services. Indeed, many clients expect and, in fact, make it compulsory for even the smallest of construction firms and contractors to hold Design & Construct Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

When you agree to undertake contracts on a design and construct basis, it is you the client will contact in the first instance if there is a design related problem. Even if a claim is ultimately the responsibility of another party, the costs of redirecting liability can be substantial and success is far from guaranteed. You will be responsible regardless of your ability to implement an action against the negligent party. This is where a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Design and Construct (D&C) policy will react, protecting both your assets and your relationship with your client. When problems do occur, a speedy and realistic approach is required, particularly when the problem arises during the construction period.

We have some very competitive premiums available from a large panel of Insurers for all types of Design and Construct risk profiles.