Land Surveyors

Land Surveyors

Insurance for Land Surveyors

Surveyors can choose from a wide range of specialism and one of these is Land Surveying. Land Surveyors are involved in many stages of any given project. A land surveyor may work regularly in the field making use of geographical information systems (GIS) to analyse and interpret site features and then deliver the data to a Surveyor who works in the office. Office-based surveyors analyze data, create maps and other documents.

Land surveyors need to be up-to-date with new emerging technologies. These include GPS (Global Positioning System), 3D laser scanning, computer-aided design (CAD), building information modelling (BIM) and digital photography. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system used for precise positioning of points anywhere on the earth. It’s used in a wide variety of mapping procedures. In general, the main function of a land surveyor is measuring and mapping the land and property through the implementation of current software and technologies.

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Why Do I Need Land Surveyors Professional Indemnity Insurance?


Land Surveyors need Professional Indemnity Insurance because you hold yourself out to be a “professional” and provide advice, drawings, reports and surveys to other businesses or individuals. You will therefore be exposed to certain liabilities arising from your work. If you fail, or are alleged to have failed, to exercise reasonable skill and care of a competent member of your profession, you can be legally liable for the financial consequences and exposed to claims from your clients. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you can easily spend substantial sums of money defending yourself. Having the correct Professional Indemnity Insurance is vital. It will protect you and your business if things do go wrong. The Professional Indemnity Insurance policies we offer cover both the legal defence costs as well as the compensation payments if you lose a claim.

In addition to core Professional Indemnity Insurance, we understand the insurance needs of Land Surveyors can include requiring cover for High Value Portable Surveying Equipment. We have an exclusive Office Insurance scheme underwritten by an ‘A’ rated Insurer specifically for this.


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